Autism Spectrum Disorders

The National Association for Autism

This site provides information on where persons with Autism and their families can obtain support, services and education throughout Australia.
Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT)

The country's largest not-for-profit autism specific service provider. Provides information, education and a variety of services in NSW, ACT and Victoria including Autism specific schools and satellite classes, educational outreach.
Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

Australia raise the awareness and understanding of Sensory Processing Disorder in Australia. SPD—Australia provides information and relevant links to those suffering from Sensory Processing Disorder.
Raising Children Network

Early Days Program Early Days workshops were developed through a collaboration among organisations recognised for their expertise in autism and parenting under the national coordination of the Parenting Research Centre. The Early Days online workshops provide information on various topics related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The workshops have been developed to provide the latest evidence-based information about ASD and equip participants with some skills needed to promote their child’s early development.

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