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John O'Brien and his wife and partner Connie Lyle O'Brien have been in the forefront of thinking and creating precedent setting innovations that helped to created full lives for people with a disability the world over. In addition to developing many of the planning systems used internationally, training thousands of facilitators and human service workers, they have also been writers with enormous insight and sensitivity. Their books are available through Inclusion Press.
Michael Kendrick Consulting International ​

Access all articles published by Michael Kendrick - where 'imagining better' for people with a disability gets practical.
Helen Sanderson Associates ​

Helen Sanderson Associates is an international development, training and consultancy team. We work with people to change their lives, organisations and communities through person centred thinking and planning.
Helen Sanderson Associates Press

Provides resources Books include: Living Well - thinking and planning for the end of your life. This guide is to help you think about and record what is important to you now, and what you want in the future (planning for the end of your life). Celebrating Families is a practical guide for parents. It's all about appreciating each individual in your family and discovering how they prefer to negotiate a path through life; ensuring that what is important to all members of your family (including you, the parent) are met as fully as possible. It contains lots of stories about how families have used person centred thinking and planning.​

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